Lovecraft inspired: Captive Lesser One

“This fate was least horrible when the captive mind was also of the Great Race—a not infrequent occurrence, since in all its periods that race was intensely concerned with its own future.”

― “The Shadow out of Time”, H.P. Lovecraft

A large 120×40 map of pure horror!

An old ruined temple to the west leads to ancient ports – and in the east, a deadly msyterious garden leads into gates.

The gates and ports lead to the same horrific place: a stone crypt with sacred spells, fires and alien artefacts.

And in the middle: a captured Lesser One. Pray it does not escape – and seek revenge!

This map includes NEW artwork and assets!

This is a 120×40 inch battle map for “any” system.

Lovecraft Inspired CAPTIVE LESSER ONE V1 220701

Download the Cthulhu / Lovecraft inspired VTT Battlemap Captive Lesser One at DriveThruRPG.